Difference between University and Community College

Difference between University and Community College

Most of the people are wondering whether they have to attend a community college or a university but first of all, it is important to understand the difference between the two. When you are a college student then you got some idea about the field you want to choose and the degree you need to get for this purpose. In college, you have a few choices regarding your education. The biggest decision you have to make is to choose between a community college and a university. So in this article, we are going to tell you some big difference between the two so that you can make a smart decision.

Programs and Courses Offered 

The biggest difference between a community college and a university is the type of programs and degrees they offer. In community college are also referred to as Two years college. Most of the community colleges also offer associate degree programs. You can complete this degree in less than two years but it depends on the status of your enrollment. On the other hand, a university offers bachelor’ masters and Ph.D. programs. These programs are completed in 4 years. In university, there are a large number of programs that are being offered as compared to college.

The Difference of Cost

Besides degree programs the cost of getting an education is also a big difference. Most of the people consider this factor a lot when they make a decision to choose between university and college. It is a fact that community colleges are very inexpensive as compared to university. For a college student, the cost of attending a two-year program is just USD 3400. On the other hand, to attend a 4-year degree program in a university you have to pay about USD 9400. If you are a private student then the cost will be much more than this including tuition fee. That is the reason most of the people join colleges to complete two years degree programs and then they go to university to get a higher studies degree.

The Difference of Admission Requirements

You will certainly find that to get an education in a college there are fewer admission requirements as compared to a university. Universities have more admission policies as compared to colleges, for example, a person who has not completed his graduation can not get admission in a university. Most of the community colleges also have some strict admission policies like a nursing college, a law enforcement college and a technical education. If you want to get admission in a university then you have to prepare a lot more than just submitting an application. The reason is that universities are pickier. You should have good grades in graduation and higher school as well. You also have to clear special tests like GAT and SAT to get admission in a university.

These are some of the major differences between the college and a university. These differences will help you a lot to make a decision either to go to a college or a university to get the education.

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